Give Her a Party She'll Never Forget

Give Her a Party She'll Never Forget

Find naughty bachelorette party favors in Waterville, ME

Planning a bachelorette party is a lot of work. You want this to be a night the bride will remember forever - even if the memories are a bit hazy. What can you do to make sure she'll have the time of her life? You can stop by our adult store in Waterville, ME to pick up plenty of bachelorette party favors!

A great party needs the right decorations. We carry streamers, balloons, banners, games and accessories all designed for the bachelorette and crew to have a...memorable time.

Put a special twist on the traditional bachelorette party

Unique bachelorette party favors will take the party from good to great. After you make a quick trip to our Waterville, ME adult store, you can:

  • Serve cocktails from glasses with penis-shaped ice cubes - throw in a penis straw for added affect
  • Deck the bride-to-be with a royal sash and veil so everyone will know what you're celebrating
  • Share laughs over a completely unique card game or try to toss hoops onto an inflatable penis

It's a special night-so why not go all out? Pick out the items you'll need to take the party to the next level today.